Acura Oil Changes near Kansas City - Overland Park

Routine Oil Changes in Overland Park are
the Key to a Longer Engine Life

You invested a lot of time, energy, and money into the car that you're driving now--whether you've had it for a few weeks or a few decades. No matter how old your vehicle is, or what the make or model is, one simple service can lead to a longer life for your engine, and a better return on your investment: oil changes.

Changing the motor oil in your car every few thousand miles, or every X number of months, has a long list of benefits.

What Motor Oil Does for Your Engine

How does motor oil affect your engine; and what are the consequences of skipping your recommended oil change?

The lubrication system for your engine jumps into action as soon as you start your car. The system moves the oil all around the components of the engine, delivering small amounts of slick, viscous oil to all of the fast-moving parts. This lubrication plays a few crucial roles:

  • It reduces friction
  • It reduces heat
  • It reduces wear-and-tear
  • It optimizes efficiency of moving parts

You can imagine how much trouble it could cause for your engine if any of the above roles were missed. Excess friction leads to excess wear, excess heat can lead to a full overheating of the engine--the long-term damage of skipped oil changes could mean an entire replacement engine.

How Acura Maintenance Minder Keeps You on Track

Modern Acura vehicles, in particular, make the oil-change process incredibly simple. A dynamic, data-based system integrated right into the vehicle's computer can track your driving habits and the life of your oil to alert you when it's time to go in for service. Instead of sticking to a one-size-fits-all oil change interval, Acura did things differently. Check for the presence of a Maintenance Minder in your newer-model-year Acura, and let your car tell you when it's time for an oil change.

If you drive an older Acura, or a non-Acura vehicle, the service team at Hendrick Acura Overland Park can recommend a practical oil change schedule for you.