Acura Leases near Kansas City - Overland Park

Leasing a New Acura in Overland Park is Simple, Easy, and Gives You More Opportunity to Drive the Cars That You Love

There's a difference between driving a car that you love--and driving a car that you're passionate about. You may have loved that dear old station wagon you inherited in college, the one that took you across country. But, that doesn't quite compare to the kind of enthusiasm and thrills that you might get from a sports car, a luxury SUV, or a spicy little coupe.

Acura lease deals and new program offers at Hendrick Acura Overland Park give you the opportunity to love what you drive, but be able to embrace new performance and new passions without being bogged down. Explore Acura leasing here.

Leasing Might Be a Good Fit for You If... love the look of a new Acura RDX, TLX, MDX, or NSX but aren't ready to commit long-term. want to be able to upgrade every few years to something nicer, newer, and flashier. like to take a really, really long test drive before you decide to buy a vehicle. want to have lower monthly payments on a brand-new vehicle. generally take good care of your cars. typically drive 12,000 miles per year or less.

Benefits of Leasing an Acura

Along with the sheer number of benefits of just driving a new Acura, you'll get additional benefits, perks, and peace of mind with exclusive Acura leasing program details. Consider the below points to see why leasing an Acura is unlike leasing any other luxury car:

  • You're locked in to a guaranteed purchase price that won't change
  • Customize your lease up to 15,000 miles per year with a term up to 60 months/5 years
  • Enjoy standard GAP coverage with your lease
  • Waive any turn-in fees if you lease again (or buy) with Acura within 30 days of your lease-end date
  • Roll over any of your unused miles into your next lease through the Acura "Momentum Miles" program

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